What is SUPERCore?

SUPER-Core By Kryptonite is a revolution in flooring construction brought to you exclusively by WeShipFloors.com.  SUPER-core will hold up to whatever your home can throw it’s way….. like Meteorites, Super villains, Missiles, Earthquakes etc.  Common everyday wear and tear are mere child’s play to SUPER-Core!

The KEY to SUPER-Core being so super tough is it’s SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) core.   Our SPC is guaranteed dimensionally stable from -30° F up to 155° F.  So it will hold up to extreme temperature swings.  It would be great for a new home on Mars… or even a more harsh climate…. like Arizona.

Scratch resistance, it's great for that as well.   SUPER-Core has a 20 mil COMMERCIALLY rated wear layer. That’s thicker than all the competition.  We would add more wear layer – but it’s hard to add to a “lifetime warranty” finish.   Lifetime is a pretty long time…. (at least I hope it is)

SUPER-Core is 5 feet long and 7” wide.  We’re LONGER and WIDER than all the other brands.  Why might you ask?   Seriously, when is longer and wider ever a bad thing?


SPC 6s
SPC Bubbles

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